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About Stress and How It Can Affect You

Stress can make problems in life, even destroy lives and cause injury and illness. It can lead to a host of many illnesses referred to as Stress-Related Disorders. Stress is often at the foundation of problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, alcoholism, abuse of both legal and illegal drugs, extreme nervousness, anxiety, panic disorders, depression, feelings of hopelessness and general unhappiness.

While the Stress Mechanism is a normal and natural part of the defense mechanisms of all humans, in many individuals stress either is in poor control or out of control therefore leading to its negative consequences as described above.

There are number of important questions that ultimately need to be answered:

  • What is stress?
  • How can it be recognized early?
  • How does it get out of control?
  • How does stress cause illness and reduced quality of life?
  • What can be done about stress?
  • Can stress be eliminated or controlled?

In this site we will look at each of these questions and what options you have. While stress can cause some very negative, uncomfortable and even harmful problems, it also has a positive side. It is part of an ancient and important set of defensive systems that protect us from injury and illness. When it is used appropriately by us the stress mechanism can protect us and even save our life. Another and important aspect which often goes unrecognized by most people, and too often by the medical profession, is that abnormal or problematic stress is a clue to those unresolved conflicts that not only bother us but often undermine our success. Hence, the stressed individual is simply demonstrating that he or she has one or more unresolved conflicts that these conflict must be resolved for maximum health and wellness.

While stress is not an easy problem, it is also not unmanageably complicated. It simply requires that one understands what stress is and what can be done to reduce, control, eliminate or transform it to the positive force it is meant to be.


For a short list of medical conditions, symptoms and illnesses caused by or predisposed to because of stress.

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